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Henrik Lund Frandsen conducts research into Power-to-X—i.e. conversion of green power into different fuels—with special focus on electrolysis technologies. His research deals with both technology development and integration of the technologies in Power-to-X plants.

Energy Systems

Marie Münster conducts research into optimization of energy systems so that we can prioritize the energy of the future from an economic and climate perspective. This comprises research into how to optimize investments in flexible energy systems that can produce electricity, heating, and Power-to-X, and transmit them between countries.

Marie Münster


Philip Fosbøl conducts research into technology for upgrading biogas so that CO2 and unwanted substances such as sulphur are removed before use. In addition, he is an expert in carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

Energy Markets

Lena Kitzing is one of the 15 members of the European Scientific Advisory Board for Climate Change, which advises EU politicians on climate issues. Among other things, she conducts research on energy markets and the links between production, markets, and policy.

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Lena Kitzing

Nuclear Power

Bent Lauritzen has been conducting research into nuclear physics and nuclear power since 1984. He has a PhD in nuclear physics, is a Council member of the European Atomic Energy Community, and is attached to the EU Euratom programme as an expert.

Toke Rammer Nielsen conducts research into energy consumption in buildings. He works with technology development of more efficient components for building envelopes and ventilation and heating systems in buildings. In addition, he works with how to use data and measurements to optimize the operation of buildings.

Process Heating

Professor Brian Elmegaard works with thermal energy and is an expert in electrification of industry. In particular, he has worked with process heating in companies and examined how this can be done using electric heat pumps rather than oil or gas.

Energy Systems

Henrik Madsen is an expert in energy digitalization. He works with smart energy systems that link the individual parts of the energy sector together. This requires data and digitalization, so that we obtain a digital foundation for a secure, efficient, and flexible green energy system.


Søren Linderoth is an expert in how energy can be converted and stored inexpensively and efficiently. This includes storage of electricity in batteries, storage of energy as fuels via Power-to-X processes, and storage of heat, either in hot stones or in salt melts (storage of liquid salt).