DTU on sustainability

DTU is committed to creating sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives, create value for society, and promote a sustainable use of resources.

As employees and students at an elite technical university, it is quite natural for us to develop technologies for sustainable change. This is also reflected in our strategy and sustainability policy.

As a leading centre of expertise, we take responsibility by developing value-creating, sustainable technology for people and advising on sustainable solutions. DTU develops and uses technology with an equal sense of responsibility and care.

We believe that the development of the right technologies can help solve global challenges and bring about sustainable change.

Social, economic and environmental dimensions

The objective of DTU’s work on sustainability is to meet current human needs without jeopardizing future generations’ opportunities to fulfil their needs.

Our work is driven by a dedication to developing technology, knowledge, and partnerships that help society use the world’s resources in a sustainable way. We take a balanced view of sustainability, taking into account its social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

Technology can be a driving force for a sustainable transformation of society and can contribute to a more inclusive society with broader access to knowledge, information, services, and sustainable products. DTU defends the principle that technology must be used with responsibility and care.

As part of DTU’s strategy to contribute to sustainable change, the University is now establishing the DTU Centre for Absolute Sustainability.

The DTU Centre for Absolute Sustainability will develop models for calculation of the absolute sustainability of products and behaviour based on the volumes of resources available on the planet and the levels of impacts that the planet can withstand in relation to climate, biodiversity, and toxicity—and then develop technologies for creating improvements and strategies to implement them.

Learn more about the Centre.


Sustainability has been incorporated as a learning outcome in all our programmes, so that tomorrow’s engineers will be able to continue to drive sustainable change.

Therefore have we created a charter to make sure that our students learn about sustainability during their education.

Learn more about the charter here.

Research, innovation and cooperation

Our research, scientific advice, and innovation focuses on sustainable solutions and technologies that can ensure a sensible use of the earth’s resources so that future generations can also benefit from them.

Local, national and global

The development of new sustainable solutions and technologies takes place in close cooperation with others.

We enter into national and international partnerships on world-class research and work with the business community and authorities on new innovative solutions. Cooperation goes beyond our own professional boundaries, ensuring environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable solutions.

Sustainability - the big picture

Our focus is on addressing the global sustainability challenges where innovative technological solutions can make a significant contribution.

We are committed to a responsible and caring approach to technology development, ensuring that it is coupled with insight into social conditions, diversity, and ethical considerations.

We also set sustainability goals for our own campus, where low resource consumption, recycling, biodiversity, and social sustainability are essential elements. This applies to our construction, energy consumption, and procurement policy as well as our framework for a sustainable and healthy/good study and working life.

Energy is a scarce resource

Sustainable development must reduce climate impacts and ensure the balanced use of resources. This includes the use of renewable and fossil-free energy and reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Some of the solutions DTU is currently working on are: